Hassan Jameel, Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel Saudi Arabia, took part in a leadership discussion at the CoMotion Conference in Los Angeles, California. CoMotion LA is an event that aims to bring together leading technologists, public transport operators, venture capitalists and established players in the mobility space to engage in immersive discussions about the future of mobility and urban planning.

CoMotion has distinguished itself as an influential platform to discuss the future of mobility,” said Hassan. “The event brought together like-minded leaders at the intersection of disruptive technology, infrastructure and government seeking to find solutions for some of the world’s largest challenges facing transportation. It was an honor to discuss how we can all work together to create sustainable, long-term value and solutions in society.”         

The event was held over two days and covered a wide range of topics, from autonomous vehicles to urban planning to air travel and unmanned air vehicles. At the conference, Hassan participated in a fireside chat with CoMotion’s Founder and Chief Curator John Rossant. During the session Hassan and John discussed mobility and new developments in transportation.

We were so glad to host Hassan and provide our audience with the opportunity to hear his perspective given his extensive knowledge of the automotive industry,” said Rossant. “After closely researching Abdul Latif Jameel’s investments in transportation and energy for my book Hop, Skip, Go, it was inspiring to hear Hassan’s take on the future of mobility and discuss his plans for Abdul Latif Jameel’s future.”