Commercial Vehicles and Equipment

Tailored Solutions for Business

We’re applying our decades of experience in automotive distribution to our commercial vehicle and equipment business.

Focused on delivering the best-tailored solutions to our clients – from the quality of the products we supply, to financing options and after sales support – we’re opening doors and facilitating the development of Saudi Arabia and the MENAT region.

Today, we represent world-class brands such as Hino trucks, Toyota Industrial Equipment and Raymond materials handling, Komatsu mining and construction solutions, Manitou, and a range of power generation solutions to serve the growing construction sector.

Materials Handling Solutions

Toyota Industrial Equipment has long been established as the material handling expert in Saudi Arabia.

We’re committed to providing a diverse range of tailored offerings that, since 2010, also includes the Raymond materials handling equipment brand and, since 2017, the warehousing equipment brand BT. Our portfolio of products is renowned for their reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-maintain operations.

Toyota Industrial Equipment’s continued design advancements are constantly improving materials handling processes and enhancing the end-user experience. Their popularity with industry professionals is well supported by our aftersales service network.

  • A global leader in materials handling operations
  • In Saudi Arabia since 1975, also in Algeria
  • A network of state-of-the-art 4S facilities for service availability and convenience
  • All branches fully certified by Toyota’s aftersales service evaluation
  • Out-of-hours emergency cover
  • All mainstream parts available immediately

To help meet the growing demand for cleaner-running electric lift trucks, Toyota Industrial Equipment recently introduced the 8-Series, 4-wheel AC-powered, and electric lift-truck range. The AC-powered system conserves energy and regenerates power to extend battery run time and maximize operational productivity between charges. With up to 21% faster travel speeds, the new 8-Series minimizes the performance gap with its internal combustion counterparts. Now, clients can have the best of both worlds – materials handling solutions that are both powerful and environmentally-friendly.


state-of-the-art facilities to ensure rapid proximity to clients


call center services are fully equipped with workshops and factory trained technicians

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Construction and Mining Equipment

Komatsu Construction and Mining Equipment has become a force in all industries that need heavy equipment – particularly construction, mining, oil and gas, quarries, and cement.
  • Eight product lines, customized to requirements
  • Five regional offices, providing sales and service support
  • A leader in construction and mining development

More recently we’ve expanded this comprehensive capability for the mining and construction industry by adding Manitou telehandler solutions.

"We aim to ensure optimal productivity, workflow efficiency, and increased flexibility... while giving young Saudi talent the opportunity to experience and be part of a specialized work environment through our training center."

Arif Chishti
Managing Director,
Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery


out-of-hours emergency cover


mainstream parts available immediately

Data Tracking

We provide our clients the power of knowledge and the convenience of online management of their equipment fleet.

Komatsu’s data tracking and analysis system, ‘Komtrax’, provides critical information, 24 hours a day, to make better daily and long-term operational and strategic decisions.

Power Generation Solutions

We offer comprehensive on-site power solutions.

Our portfolio now includes generator sets, as part of a range of solutions, from respected brands like Teksan and Panthera.

Comprehensive Services and Support

We strive to become our clients’ preferred partners, supporting them for the life of the equipment.

Custom Consulting and Solutions

We do more than just supply products

We partner with our clients, providing premium equipment coupled with tailored solutions and the best service at every stage.

Our scope includes initial consulting on the type of product clients should use – financing solutions, equipment sales or rental, operator training, data tracking, parts, servicing and on-site repairs, and much more. As part this support, our operator training center enables safe and effective use of machines, longer machine life, and lower costs – all designed to optimise asset operating times.

Most importantly, we are always carefully listening to client needs and engaging in dialogue. This helps us continually review our processes and offer, so we’re always ready to deliver a best-in-class ownership experience.

Project Support

We consult with our clients to provide customized solutions for each project.

This includes selection and management of the right equipment, processes, and procedures.

Financial Services

We understand that top quality, durable equipment is prerequisite for success.

That’s why we help clients meet their business goals through flexible, Sharia-compliant financing.


mobile on-site service response

"Customer satisfaction is key to the success of any business, whether it be small or large."

Hassan Jameel
Deputy President & Vice Chairman,
Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic Operations

Product Sales

To meet all our clients' construction and industrial needs, we offer a range of best-in-class new and pre-owned product solutions.

This wide range includes Toyota Industrial Equipment, Raymond fork-lft trucks, Manitou telehanders, Teksan and Panthera generator solutions, Komatsu Construction & Mining Equipment, and Hino trucks.

Servicing and Support

We’re ready to service and support all our clients' equipment needs.

From the moment of sale, and through the entire ownership experience, our client-centric approach means we are ready to provide on-site, tailor-made support and service solutions to afford our clients the flexibility that is essential to their business success.

On the Horizon

Our commercial vehicle and equipment services are increasingly in-demand.

With the rapid economic development of MENAT, our facilities across Saudi Arabia and across our other regional locations ensure we’re close to our clients, able to respond to and support their operational needs.

Each houses parts, as well as servicing and sales functionality, to meet the commercial transportation, construction, mining, materials handling and commercial development needs of the region.

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