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The Abdul Latif Jameel Insights App keeps you up-to-date with news,
insights and thought leadership discussing global challenges and local perspectives,
from across the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey... and far beyond.

Personalize your newsfeed:
select the topics that
interest you the most.

The ALJ Insights App makes it easy to personalize your own newsfeed by selecting the business sectors that mean the most to you. And by enabling push alerts, you can always be the first to know!

You can change your selections at any time.

Share stimulating content
on your social media
channels, and with your
colleagues and friends.

Found something you really can’t keep to yourself? Know someone who really needs to know? Share content directly to your friends from the App via email, or post directly on your own social media channels.

Stay on top of the Latest
and Trending articles, like
and bookmark them to
read later.

‘Like’ articles and learn what everyone else is talking about by seeing what’s trending too. No time to read the full article right away? Simply ‘bookmark’ it to read later, or use the predictive search feature to look for topics you want to read about from the archive.

There’s even a ‘night-mode’ for low-light reading too!

Immerse yourself in our
full-screen video gallery

Rather watch than read? Simply dive into our video gallery for immersive full-screen viewing.

Want your friends or colleagues to watch? Like, bookmark and share these videos too!

Navigate with ease

We’ve made it easier than ever to stay up to date with our news - just swipe right to scroll from one article to the next.

No time to sit and read?
Listen on-the-go!

Our new audio feature converts every news article into a broadcast - ready for you to listen to, wherever, whenever, at your convenience.

Still not enough time?

Create your own collection of content that you can check in with at any time. Piece together articles of interest, and keep a track of what happens next in your own playlist.

Personalizing your newsfeed has never been so easy!

Tell us what you want to know

Tied up? With our new audio search feature we make it easy for you to find what you need, and fast.

Discover what it means to be hands-free.

Share stimulating content on your
social media channels

Help us to spread the word and share ALJ Insights with everyone!

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