Energy and Environmental Services

Building a Sustainable Future

With power demand in the MENAT region set to grow by 7% annually until 2020, the development of additional renewable energy sources is a social and strategic imperative.

More than half of the region’s population live under conditions of ‘water stress’, where demand outstrips supply. Producing enough water to support the Middle East’s growing population needs huge investment in water production facilities and infrastructure, as well as the energy these processes demand.

The renewable energy targets established by the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and those of the wider MENAT region, together with the increasing demand for water, are opening up significant opportunities for investment in power production, conservation and water infrastructure.

With a focus on environmental and social responsibility, as well as regional government initiatives, we’re prioritizing energy efficiency and reduced consumption of finite resources.

We’re positioned to meet these needs and bring sustainable power to the region by partnering with energy experts and tapping the financial acumen and operational strength of the wider Abdul Latif Jameel network.

Together with our energy partners, we’ll lead the region in creating sustainable energy through power infrastructure development, sustainable power generation, alternative resources, and energy efficiency.


annual demand growth projected until 2020 in MENAT region


of power projected in Abdul Latif Jameel Energy's portfolio

Harnessing Natural Resources

Since establishing our Energy and Environmental Services Division in 2012, our initial focus has been on photovoltaic solar energy.

Following our acquisition of FRV in 2015, our vision for a sustainable future has expanded to a wider range of renewable including:

  • solar power
  • wind power
  • water solutions and environmental services

In line with our ongoing commitment to economic development, we place a key focus on building a meaningful legacy in countries where we establish projects. We aim to create jobs at all levels, including the training of the local workforce to develop renewable energy expertise within that country.


countries where Abdul Latif Jameel Energy is now active


increase Abdul Latif Jameel Energy's project pipeline in less than two years

"Renewables continues to be the fastest-growing power source; the share of renewable energy in global power generation is expected to rise over 26% by 2020."

International Energy Agency

Enabling Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a core focus in the MENAT region with many countries launching their own government-backed initiatives and targets to reduce power consumption.

We plan to support these energy conservation targets with internationally experienced partners to provide services including energy audits, retrofitting, and remote monitoring to reduce the energy and water consumption of both public and private buildings.

On the Horizon

We’re ideally positioned and committed to play a leading transformational role in the journey to a sustainable energy future, helping nations and communities in meeting their environmental ambitions.

With proven global experience and capabilities across both renewable energy infrastructure development, power production and water infrastructure solutions – from desalination to water and waste-water treatment and reuse -we place a key focus on building a sustainable legacy in countries where we establish projects.

We aim to create jobs at all levels, including the training of the local workforces, and operation and maintenance services,  to a sustainable legacy of sector expertise in the process.

We are actively exploring the full breadth of the emergent energy, water and environmental services technologies, and business models to develop real-world economically viable solutions, developing partnerships with major power generators, utilities authorities, technology developers and science and academia.

"We continue to invest in research and cutting-edge technology to fully realize opportunities available today, identify and develop those with potential for tomorrow, and build a sustainable future."

Daniel Sagi-Vela

Chief Executive Officer, FRV


in renewable energy by 2030, targeted in Saudi Arabia's 'Vision 2030'


people in areas of physical water scarcity

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A Global Presence

From our modest roots in Saudi Arabia more than 75 years ago, today Abdul Latif Jameel is a globally-respected, successful and diversified business. We are present in 35 countries, across six continents, with operations in eight major industry sectors. Select an icon below to learn more about our operations.

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We see our healthcare business as a commitment to improving the health and well being of vulnerable people around the world.

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With one of the most comprehensive automotive networks in Saudi Arabia and growing operations in eight other key markets, we’re providing mobility and transportation solutions across MENAT, Europe, and Asia.

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Transportation: Passenger Vehicles

With a distribution and retail presence spanning nine countries and three continents, we invest in delivering outstanding customer satisfaction in diverse markets. Select a country to learn more.

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Transportation: Commercial Vehicles and Equipment

We provide world-class construction equipment, commercial vehicles and specialist training and servicing to Saudi Arabia, underlining our committment to the continuous development of the region’s infrastructure.

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Transportation: Logistics

To support our successful transportation sector businesses, we have developed one of the MENAT region’s largest automotive supply infrastructures. In 2015, we also moved into non-automotive logistics after being appointed as the Global Service Provider for FedEx Express in Saudi Arabia.

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Transportation: Expanded Vehicle Services

To meet the growing demand for vehicle related services, we've expanded our transportation offering to provide a comprehensive service experience – from pre-owned vehicles, to auto body repair, personalization and vehicle telematics.

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Engineering and Manufacturing

We’re more than just an automotive parts producer and supplier – we’re a global solution-led provider that caters to aftermarket needs, from product development to manufacturing and distribution.

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Financial Services

We see our financial services business as a way to invest in the people and infrastructure of the MENAT region by allowing individuals and businesses to flourish.

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Land and Real Estate

As one of Saudi Arabia’s leading land and property developers, we are addressing rising demand in the country by delivering pleasing environments for residential and commercial purposes.

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Energy and Environmental Services

Abdul Latif Jameel Energy and Environmental Services is today the largest GCC-based solar PV developer and one of the leading solar PV developers in the world.

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Consumer Products

Since the 1970s, we’ve supplied comprehensive, quality products and services for Saudi Arabian consumers as a trusted partner for some of the world’s leading consumer electronics brands, consumer durables, and commercial applications.

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Advertising and Media

We’re helping our brand partners and our clients reach the diverse, disparate, but engaged consumer market in the MENAT region through all types of brand representation and activation services. Select a country to learn more.


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