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As a respected partner and trusted adviser in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, or ‘MENAT’ region, Abdul Latif Jameel encourages and facilitates trading and investment opportunities that enable both our commercial partners and new markets to mutually prosper.

To respond to these opportunities, we have a range of highly experienced international business development professionals that you can contact at any of our strategic office locations in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

A Bright Prospect

We see a wealth of commercial opportunities to leverage in the MENAT region, all of which are directed by our implicit goal to improve the ‘infrastructure of life’ for the region’s 530+ million citizens.

Across the region, new doors are opening and new markets are thriving. We’re seeing growing populations of aspirational consumers, many of whom are increasingly of a more educated younger generation. With these youthful, ambitious and connected populations, MENAT countries and governments are modernizing and developing at an incredible pace. The market is increasingly skewed toward the young, tech savvy, and upwardly mobile, and we’re mindful of meeting their expectations.

US$ 4.45tn+

aggregate GDP of 16 MENAT countries 2019 World Bank/IMF Data

US$ 3.4tn+

residential construction industry by 2020 in the MENAT Region

"The MENA region and Turkey are a fertile ground for private market activity."

CEO of PineBridge Investments ME
Gulf Business

Ready for Better

We’re committed to meeting the needs of the region by enabling development and opportunity.

Our goals are simple, we strive to uncover new potential that will:

  • Deepen understanding of the opportunity and bright future of the MENAT region’s 16 countries, each full of potential and opportunity
  • Reinforce our commitment to drive local job creation and vocational training wherever we do business
  • Establish and facilitate trade and investment into the MENAT region, while improving people’s lives by addressing the economic, social, and infrastructural needs of the region

"The Middle East and Africa region is on track to lead the growth in global machine-to-machine (M2M) connections over the coming five years, driven by the rapid development of major smart cities."

- Deloitte: A Digital Journey

Chief Information Officer
40% avg.

M2M application growth predicted by 2023

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As a respected partner and a trusted advisor in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, or 'MENAT' region, Abdul Latif Jameel is continually uncovering new potential to encourage and facilitate trading and investment opportunities that enable our partners and new markets to mutually prosper and thrive.