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From our international business development hubs in Istanbul, Tokyo, Riyadh, Jeddah and Dubai, Abdul Latif Jameel’s investment arm is continually striving to uncover new potential and to open new doors that encourage opportunities to flourish both now and for the future.

We seek out investment opportunities, partnerships and alliances where we are confident we can build value and so enable our partners and new markets to mutually prosper and thrive – just a few of these affiliations are showcased here.


Far more than just a management tool, a mindset for sustainable, profitable growth

Continuous improvement:

"We have implemented Lean Principles on 50% of our machines. Indicators are very positive with output improved between 17% and almost 90%"

Aiman Al-Masri, President and CEO, MESC

Four Principles

Zero Waste - Implemented!

Founded in 2010, Four Principles was created to bring the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, to a new and wider audience in a way that made it more accessible and more easily implemented than had been done before.

A significant step in Four Principles’ development came in 2017, through a partnership Abdul Latif Jameel.

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Genuine accessories to personalize your Toyota and Lexus

As a trusted partner of Toyota Motor Corporation for over 60 years, we pride ourselves in delivering the best all round ownership experience and in 1990, we established an automotive accessories and conversion business in Saudi Arabia to enable our customers to personalize their enjoyment even further. In 2003, this was recognized by Toyota as a 'Toyota Approved Development Base', reaching the highest standards of design and quality and in 2017, a joint venture was formed between Toyota Motor Corporation and Abdul Latif Jameel to develop Toyota Genuine Accessories and conversions for Toyota and Lexus vehicles across the MENA region. TADME's mission is to offer genuine accessories specifically designed for the needs and demands of customers', in these markets.

Accessories for Toyota and Lexus vehicles

RIVIAN Automotive

Unplug. Charge on.

Transportation shouldn’t limit us, it should liberate us, and each journey we take should leave a mark on the human spirit, not the planet.  That’s the ethos at RIVIAN a cutting edge electric vehicle manufacturer and future mobility brand who are developing vehicles and technologies to excite and inspire people to get out and explore the world, and to go further into nature than ever before.

As an investor in the infrastructure of life, Abdul Latif Jameel is proud to be a partner in the future of mobility: Meet the world’s first Electric Adventure Vehicles

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mile range: from San Francisco to Yosemite and back


skilled employees dedicated to service excellence

We use technology to help drive performance and consistent service delivery, backed by our 24/7 customer care:

"Helping to create better places to work and live"

Jason Ruehland, Chief Executive Officer

Muheel Facilities Management

Creating better places to work and live

Muheel Facilities Management is today, one of the leading integrated facilities management companies in Saudi Arabia, with over 40 years of operating experience and a 1,600 strong workforce, delivering facilities management across a multiple business sectors including commercial, residential, health care, government, oil and gas, aviation, education and infrastructure.  Originally a division of Al Muhaidib Group, the Muheel brand was born following a partnership with Abdul Latif Jameel in 2017.

Integrated facilities management (IFM), enables Muheel’s clients to enjoy improved service delivery, reduced costs and fewer contractor relationships, saving time, resources, money and energy.

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As a respected partner and a trusted advisor in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, or 'MENAT' region, Abdul Latif Jameel is continually uncovering new potential to encourage and facilitate trading and investment opportunities that enable our partners and new markets to mutually prosper and thrive.

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