Accelerating Access to Modern Medical Care

Overcoming the most pressing healthcare challenges our planet is facing is one of our biggest priorities.

Through Community Jameel, the Jameel family has a long-standing, philanthropic, heritage of harnessing the power of technologies to transform healthcare for all.  And today, we are continuing to expand this commitment to improving the health and well being of vulnerable people around the world.

Creating Abdul Latif Jameel Health, we will focus on accelerating access to modern medical care while addressing unmet medical needs in developing markets around the world.

53 years

life expectancy in Central African Republic vs. 82 in the Netherlands


maternal mortality ratio of developing vs. developed regions

Two-thirds of sub-Saharan countries fail the World Health Organization global target of 80% of people living within two-hours of a hospital.
Over 287m people (including 64m women of child-bearing age) live more than two-hours’ transport time from this level of medical care.

With the ambition to become a leading global medi-tech distribution company, we leverage the latest advances to unlock access to affordable healthcare in the Middle East, Africa, South and South East Asia, Japan and China.

With economic globalization, the inequality between richer and poorer countries appears to be growing, and in every corner of our planet, whole communities are denied access to the most basic human need – healthcare.

We believe that access should be a basic human right.  An individual's birthplace, proximity to infrastructure or lack of wealth should not deny that access, and yet for whole communities, this is the everyday reality.

Working with the Best in Class

Our global footprint attracts the best in class partners from science and academia . . .

As part of Community Jameel’s successful ongoing partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), we co-founded the Abdul Latif Jameel Clinic for Machine Learning in Health (Jameel Clinic) to drive research at the intersection of computer science and biology, commercializing new technologies to deliver them to the frontline medical practitioners. 

Community Jameel also partnered with Imperial College London to co-found The Abdul Latif Jameel Institute for Disease and Emergency Analytics (Jameel Institute) underlining our commitment to sharing best practice among global health researchers and experts in data analytics, epidemiology, and economics to combat threats from disease around the world.

"We're partnering with those who share our vision of accelerating accessibility to areas of the World with unmet needs and that present a commercial opportunity - where we can add tangible value to both the community and for our partners.

Akram Bouchenaki
Chief Executive Officer
Abdul Latif Jameel Health

Cyberdyne Hybrid Assistive Limb

more child mortality in sub-Saharan Africa than high-income countries

And Business . . .

Harnessing innovative technologies in the healthcare space, the Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital in Jeddah was the first center in the Middle East for physical rehabilitation and became a pioneer in the use of robotic exoskeletons for the treatment of spinal injury.

An initiative which has led to us being the distributor for the GCC region and a regional training center.

We’ve also partnered with innovative organizations to bring portable point of care testing  to developing markets and assist in the commercialization of cutting-edge medical devices.

Improving access to healthcare is a complex puzzle requiring a deep understanding of both needs and solutions - including: technology, infrastructure, distribution. 


Addressing these issues has proved to be one of society’s biggest challenges. But now more than ever, we have the technology and expertise to start making real progress.  And I’m hugely excited by the opportunities ahead.”


Fady Jameel

Deputy President and Vice Chairman

Abdul Latif Jameel

1 doctor

per 3,324 people, in Africa vs. 1 per 293 in Europe


of global population living on less than US$1.90/day – World Bank

A Single Solution

Underpinned by innovation in all we do, we are developing capabilities to cover all segments of the healthcare industry.

We are developing expertise in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics distribution.  We will also provide a comprehensive range of associated business partner healthcare services.

We will offer a single relationship solution delivering tailored services to accommodate our partners’ needs - a fully integrated proposition from registration to distribution, and promotion to regulatory services.


of world disease, 11% of the population but 1.3% of health workers - Africa

On the Horizon

Our health business is focusing on accelerating access to modern medical care, while addressing unmet medical needs in developing countries and growth markets around the world. 

We’re constantly exploring new opportunities and long-term investments to provide the best solutions and we evaluate ways to partner with innovators, global market leaders, investors, healthcare providers and government entities that share our vision.

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