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Off-Site Manufacturing

Contemporary Family Homes

With one of the most rapidly expanding populations in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is currently experiencing a significant supply-demand gap for affordable, quality homes for middle-income families.

Recognizing the need for high-quality, readily available housing components, our off-site manufacturing division is actively exploring innovative construction methods that can be used to develop the individual components required to build high quality residential housing in a short time-frame and at an affordable cost.

A New Benchmark

We expect our off-site manufacturing capabilities to set a new benchmark for home owners in Saudi Arabia; one that raises the quality standard of middle-income housing in the country.

Our components are built using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies for cooling, heating and ventilation. 

As a result, properties developed using our components are optimized for energy efficiency, reducing ongoing household running costs in the longer term.

By introducing a new standard of manufacturing technology to Saudi Arabia, we aspire to become a leading producer of these components in the country.

Combining pre-manufactured components with one or more of our numerous design options, creating a uniquely tailored property according to customer preference has never been easier.

The results are contemporary, high quality homes for urban families and professionals.  

We also predict that producing individual, energy efficient housing elements in our factory and then shipping them to building sites as needed will have an immediate material impact on both the cost of the construction, and the time it takes to deliver the project.

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