This month, the Abdul Latif Jameel High Institute for Training and Continuous Learning celebrates its 40th anniversary. Established in 1980, the Institute has gained a reputation for its investment in human capital development at Abdul Latif Jameel to ensure world-class services for its guests, as well as providing first-rate training for external trainees in public and private sectors. In the last four decades, the Institute has served as talent incubator and knowledge hub, training tens of thousands of associates to develop their leadership skills. Alumni of the training programs have gone on to hold significant leadership positions within both the public and private sectors and contributing to the overall economic development of the Kingdom. 

Over the last 10 years alone, the Institute has provided training to over 55,000 trainees and issued 10,000 certificates accredited by Toyota in mechanics, auto body and paint, maintenance and spare parts. The Institute also has a strong track record in professional training and consultancy services to external trainees, including members of government and military personnel. In 1998, it launched the Toyota Technical Educational Program (T-TEP) in 10 different institutions and colleges in partnership with the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation.  

The Institute is one of the largest of its kind in the Middle East and has been a key proponent for the automotive sector. Significantly contributing to national Saudization efforts, and in line with Vision 2030 goals to strengthen the local workforce, the Institute offers specialized training in auto body and paint, and mechanics to Saudi citizens, providing them with the technical expertise required for future careers. A wide proportion of these trainees have moved on to launch successful independent ventures in response to the growing sector demand in the Kingdom.  

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