The International Desalination Association speaks exclusively to Fady Jameel, Deputy President and Vice Chairman, Abdul Latif Jameel for the latest issue of Global Connections magazine.  The quarterly publication advocates the use of desalination, water reuse and advanced water treatment solutions to meet the global need for sustainable clean water.

In the feature, Fady discusses how the growing demand for water puts increasing pressure on the limited resources available and believes desalination and wastewater treatments are the most advanced available technologies in helping to overcome the water sustainability challenge.  Globally, more than 300 million people around the world already receive their water from desalination plants.

An optimist by nature, Fady is hopeful for the future and the potential for the water industry to sustain our communities, project our planet and safeguard our future.

“Water is a key, if not the key, critical issue both for the planet and humankind.  Innovating, developing and investing in processes and technologies that enable us, as a society, to provide an adequate supply of water for our communities, industries and agriculture – in a way that doesn’t harm, but is in harmony with the environment – is one of the biggest challenges we will ever face.” – Fady Jameel.

Fady Jameel Cover Story

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