Congratulations to Community Jameel Saudi on the launch of their new strategy, built around six areas: community healthcare, women empowerment, entrepreneur advancement, competency development, climate change, and humanitarian initiatives.

Arab News reports on the new approach, which builds upon 75 years of development and humanitarian initiatives, which started in the 1940s.  It reports that Community Jameel Saudi today is reinforcing the advancement of Saudi society.

The foundation has now set forward an ambitious new strategy that focuses on five key development areas. Espousing the slogan “Innovate for a better future,” the key areas of competency development, entrepreneur advancement, women’s empowerment, community well-being, climate change and humanitarian initiatives intersect in a series of innovative programs that aim to provide job opportunities to the nation’s youth and women. They aim to contribute to finding new ways to provide a better life for society members, thus maintaining the economy and industry prosperity.

Mohammed Jameel, Chairman of Community Jameel, said:

“We are always keen to ensure that the initiatives implemented by Community Jameel Saudi are in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and based on data and research, all while adopting innovative solutions, employing the latest technologies, and targeting youth and continuous development. A specialized team known for its efficient management oversees the work of the foundation. The team works on developing an integrated system that can analyze any obstacles facing specific segments or groups within Saudi society and propose appropriate solutions for the medium and long-term.”

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