Smart Water Magazine discusses the impact of tourism on water consumption.  While the influx of travellers may not be a large consumer of water (around 2%) compared to agriculture or industry, it is often centered in regions where water scarcity is a reality, creating very specific problems in terms of water consumption. 

Desalination is an effective solution for markets such as tourism that require high-quality service and complete reliability, and in which customers or governments can afford to pay for it. Tourism can also be a rich source of income for improving the water supply and sanitation systems of local populations, where there are also high concentrations of people, who demand quality 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Almar Water Solutions, aware of the need for quality drinking water in tourism areas, recently signed, through the joint venture created with Hassan Allam Utilities, the acquisition of the company Ridgewood Egypt, which has 58 desalination plants along the entire Egyptian coast. These plants mainly serve the tourism and business sectors, which are very widespread in the area, and where Almar Water Solutions intends to continue promoting its development with efficient operation and the creation of new water infrastructure projects.

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