Dr. Akram Bouchenaki, Chief Executive Officer, Abdul Latif Jameel Health writes an exclusive opinion piece in Arabian Business to mark World Health Day, 7 April 2021, and says now is the time to look at how to build a fairer, healthier world as the globe recovers from coronavirus.  

“As we celebrate the 71st United Nations World Health Day, we are reminded of the importance that health plays in our everyday lives. There have unfortunately been many occasions in the past where outbreaks of diseases globally including Ebola, SARS, MERS, Avian Flu and not forgetting malaria – the world’s biggest killer – have brought the case for “inclusive healthcare for all” into sharp relief.

“But few have had the dislocating and widespread impact in so many countries as we have seen from Covid-19.” – Akram Bouchenaki, CEO, Abdul Latif Jameel Health

The theme of this year’s international awareness day is building a fairer, healthier world for everyone, a vision shared by Abdul Latif Jameel Health.  

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