Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt recognizes International Women’s Day

Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt has honored its female employees in celebration of International Women’s Day and reinforced their commitment to gender equality.

A team breakfast for all the women in the business was arranged and hosted by Mohamed El Gazzar, CEO and Country Manager, Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt, (seated center) who distributed gifts of appreciation to each employee.  In his speech, Mohamed emphasized the importance to women’s empowerment, contribution and the priority this is given in their workplace at Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt.

Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt IWD

Yasmine Haggag, Head of Products and Marketing, Abdul Latif Jameel Finance, (seated center) said:

“It was a great way to start International Women’s Day, among inspiring colleagues and leadership. 

“Our business has seen transformational change in the last year with new management and a number of female Associates joining the company.  While gender equality and female empowerment is a priority for us throughout the year, it was meaningful to recognize the contribution of the dedicated women in our team on this day together.”