Abdul Latif Jameel Motors Saudi Arabia is dedicated to enhancing the skills and expertise of its Associates, and for almost two decades it has provided a unique opportunity for candidates to work in Japan through the Toyota Intra-Company Training (ICT) Program. 

In a new series of videos, we hear from Associates who have experienced new cultures, workplaces, languages, and environments to develop their personal and professional lives.

Abdulrahman Saud Alkhathlan, Senior General Manager Talent Management and HR Planning, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors Saudi Arabia talks about how his perspectives changed after two years in Japan.

He says:

“One of the most important experiences I gained was the change in my perspective. My perspective before the program was solely focused on Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, and my perspective after the program became focused on both Abdul Latif Jameel Motors and Toyota Motor Corporation. This perspective helped me personally in the scope of my work to be able to accelerate the implementation of joint projects between the two companies.”

Throughout the program, participants delve into Japanese culture while also expand their knowledge of the ‘Toyota Way’ and ‘Kaizen’ philosophy for continuous improvement.  The program also offers training courses covering various areas such as marketing, supply chain management, and spare parts services.

This experience has qualified some of Abdul Latif Jameel Motors’ leaders and has helped develop the skills of future leaders, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, to strengthen the national workforce and enhance their capabilities.

Abdulrahman adds:

“The discipline, organization, and commitment that I experienced in Japan greatly improved me, both in my working life and in my personal life.

“My advice to all my colleagues who will enroll in Toyota Intra Company training (ICT) program is to not miss the personal side of the experience.

“Go, discover, mingle with people, and explore new cultures. Japan is a country that is very rich in culture.”