• This acquisition, expands Almar Water Solutions’ portfolio into third-party operation and maintenance services, offering turn-key solutions to clients, and broadens capabilities in the Company’s existing portfolio of desalination, drinking water treatment, wastewater purification and industrial water solutions.
  • The acquisition of Osmoflo SpA represents the Company’s first operational footprint into Latin America where it will seek to address pressing water challenges in the region.

Almar Water Solutions, a leading global developer of water infrastructure projects and part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy, today expanded its proposition into the wider water services sector with the acquisition of Osmoflo SpA, a progressive water treatment company headquartered in Chile. With this acquisition, Almar Water Solutions aims to address Latin America’s ongoing water challenges, providing diverse, flexible and high technology water and wastewater solutions.

The investment incorporates several operation and maintenance contracts for the industrial water sector, along with a fleet of multi-capability mobile water treatment units which provide short-term or emergency solutions to industrial clients. In response to the region’s water challenges, this portfolio will rapidly expand with the development of water infrastructure projects and the provision of operation and maintenance services for a broad range of industrial sector clients seeking to outsource this requirement.

Almar Water Solutions acquires Chilean water treatment company Osmoflo SpA
Keisuke Sakuraba, President Aguas Nuevas Gonzalo Gomez Rodulfo, Almar Water Solutions Managing Director Salvador Villarino Krumm, General Manager Aguas Nuevas

Established in 2011, Osmoflo SpA has developed an integrated portfolio of services including the operation among others of the Antucoya reverse osmosis desalination plant, the Centinela desalination plant, and the Aritia and Novaustral wastewater treatment plants.

Following this acquisition, Osmoflo SpA will be integrated under the Almar Water Solutions umbrella but will continue to operate its activities as normal and will retain its brand name, pro tem. The experience of the Almar Water Solutions team, combined with the financial strength of Abdul Latif Jameel, will undoubtedly boost the growth and efficiency of Osmoflo SpA in Chile and other Latin American countries.

Carlos Cosín, CEO of Almar Water Solutions, stated:

“This milestone will contribute to the evolution of Almar Water Solutions as a company and to the diversification of its portfolio of services, introducing us into industrial outsourcing, where we have many highly experienced professionals.  Likewise, Osmoflo SpA’s projects will strengthen our portfolio of references and will serve as our letter of introduction in the Latin American and international markets”.

Fady Jameel, Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel, said:

“Almar Water Solutions’ acquisition of Osmoflo SpA strengthens our position within the Latin American market, responding to Abdul Latif Jameel Energy’s commitment to scaling our activities and geographical reach in emerging markets with pressing energy needs. Osmoflo SpA brings operational in-market water treatment expertise, with a track record of successful projects in the region. We are confident this move will pave the way toward making Almar Water Solutions an industry leader in innovative water solutions in Chile and Latin America more broadly.”

According to the 2017 Reporte de la Industria del Agua Urbana en Chile (Report on the Urban Water Industry in Chile):

“The water industry in Chile must address numerous operational difficulties to bring quality water to homes, due to the country’s geoclimatic and structural conditions, which range from the world’s driest desert to long distances between sources and urban centers, and include geographical features and highly dispersed urban areas in some territories and climate disasters such as drought, extensive rainfall and extreme temperatures.”

In addition, as indicated by the Center for Climate and Resilience Research (CR)2 in its Análisis sobre la sequía, la escasez hídrica y la vegetación (Analysis on drought, water scarcity and vegetation), “Chile is suffering an extreme drought in 2019, especially in the central zone, with a rainfall deficit close to 80% between the regions of Coquimbo and Maule, and around 30% between Biobío and Los Lagos”.