• FRV is part of a breakthrough project promoted by the Professional Taxi Federation of Madrid for the production of green hydrogen as fuel for more than 1,000 cabs in the Spanish capital over the next few years.
  • An investment of over € 100 million, this initiative will implement an ‘as-a-Service’ business model in the cab sector, allowing drivers to use hydrogen vehicles with a range and refueling time similar to those of traditional vehicles.
  • With this new project FRV continues to expand its breadth and depth of renewables capabilities related to green hydrogen contributing to positioning Madrid as a European ‘reference city’ for sustainable public mobility

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy and one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies with experience on five continents, will take part in a project launched by the Professional Taxi Federation of Madrid for the progressive replacement, by 2026, of at least 1,000 traditional cabs with green hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The initiative, which aims to gradually decarbonize urban public mobility, involves an investment of more than € 100 million and will enable the first hydrogen vehicles to be put into operation by 2022.

Through the ‘Taxi-as-a-Service’ (TaaS) business model, the initiative will enable drivers to use hydrogen-electric vehicles at a competitive cost compared to traditional technologies without the need for upfront outlays.

Within the overall project, FRV will lead the development of the entire hydrogen production, vehicle refueling and fuel supply infrastructure together with Madrileña Red de Gas.  This will require the construction of an electrolyzer of at least 10 MW powered by a 20 MW solar photovoltaic plant which, as the demand for hydrogen for more vehicles rises, will be able to increase its production capacity.

The initiative, which promises to position the Community of Madrid as a European benchmark in the field of sustainable public transport mobility, involves the participation of numerous companies in the hydrogen value chain.  In addition to FRV and Madrileña Red de Gas, Toyota Spain will be the official vehicle supplier with its Toyota Mirai record breaking hydrogen fuel cell model, which uses hydrogen to generate electricity and travel for a range of up to 600 km without environmental impact.  Grupo Ruiz will provide its expertise in urban mobility, aggregating demand and making the project more competitive.

Fady Jameel, Deputy President and Vice Chairman, Abdul Latif Jameel commented:

“We are proud, as Abdul Latif Jameel Energy, to support the accelerating transition to sustainable public transport to improve our cities and the environment whilst continuing to invest in expanding the breadth of capabilities for our flagship renewables business, FRV, and applaud this initiative by the Professional Taxi Federation of Madrid as a significant step.”

The Professional Taxi Federation of Madrid, in alliance with FRV among other companies, is committed to green hydrogen as an innovative alternative to address the necessary decarbonization of urban public transport systems, contributing to the maturing development of the value chain for this fuel and accelerating the deployment of non-polluting cars in major cities such as Madrid.  The project, one of the most ambitious in the field of urban and semi-urban mobility, is aligned with the objectives set by the Hydrogen Roadmap and the recovery plan of the Next Generation EU program