A new video with Andy Soh, Vice President, Legal, Abdul Latif Jameel has underlined the strategic shift in positioning the legal process as a critical enabler of the Abdul Latif Jameel businesses and our organizational strategies.

In the wide-ranging video, Andy talks about his motivations to pursue a legal career, citing that “on a practical level, the law really is a system to regulate human affairs” and that as a practicing lawyer he enjoyed the work of helping clients find solutions to practical problems and issues, as well as the competitive nature of litigation.

He joined Abdul Latif Jameel as VP, Legal in summer 2021 to head the global legal function, working alongside the business units’ leadership teams and operations to provide strategic leadership and direction on Abdul Latif Jameel’s legal and regulatory matters.  Prior to joining Abdul Latif Jameel, Andy was Chief Legal Officer of one of Asia’s largest family-owned multinational corporations, where he had group-wide responsibility for the Legal, Corporate Secretarial, Compliance, and Internal Audit functions.

From left to right: Timon Chiong, Senior Legal Counsel; Suleen Ding, CLO, Legal Solutions; Andy Soh, VP Legal; Wonsun Paek, Senior Legal Counsel and Evangeline Oh, Senior Legal Counsel.

“I was attracted to joining Abdul Latif Jameel because of its vision and mission of doing well by doing good resonates deeply with me.  The nature of the industries and the businesses that we are in are truly exciting and I believe the sky is the limit for each of them.  A high performing legal function within a large, diverse organization such as Abdul Latif Jameel needs to balance constantly between managing all the routine operational needs of the businesses, while remaining nimble,” he says in the video.

Andy Soh is based in Singapore, a critical center for growth and innovation within the Asia Pacific region. Photo credit: Unsplash

Providing insight into the rebranding and relaunching of the legal function, to become the Abdul Latif Jameel Legal Solutions Center, Andy comments that this is to signify a strategic shift in positioning the legal process as a critical enabler of the Abdul Latif Jameel businesses and organizational strategies rather than just a traditional control function.

In closing the video, Andy summarizes:

“It is essential for an effective legal function to foster strong and open interpersonal relationships with our peers both in the businesses as well as the other corporate functions.  Having multiple touch points within the businesses… allows us to be in a distinctive position to help the leadership of the company synthesize the different pieces of the puzzle, from a short, medium, and long-term perspective.”