• Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery announce new strategic partnership with Kanoo Machinery, a leading regional distributor of Perkins
  • Partnership ensures the provision of best in class warranty support in Saudi Arabia to users of Teksan Generators which are powered by Perkins Engines
  • Continues the commitment of Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery to provide aftersales support for all the products supplied

Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery has announced a new strategic partnership with Kanoo Machinery, a regional distributor of Perkins Engines, to provide best-in-class support for Teksan generators.

Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery supplies the leading brand of Teksan generators, most of which are powered by Perkins’ diesel engines. With the new strategic partnership, Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery will now offer warranty support along with parts to support Perkins Engines products.

The partnership aims to expand and deepen Teksan and Perkins’ presence and aftersales support in Saudi Arabia and meet rising public demand for safe, affordable and reliable power.

The announcement was marked at a special event at Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery in Jeddah, attended by senior officials from Perkins Engines, Kanoo Machinery and Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery.

Arif Chishti, Managing Director of Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery said:

“A Kaizen approach to consistently improving our customers’ journey and experience is central to our work at Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery. The announcement of our partnership  with Kanoo Machinery ensures that Teksan and Perkins’ quality commitment is delivered to our customers through Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery.”

Executive General Manager, Fergus Burke for Kanoo I&E, states:

“With a heritage that dates back more than a century, Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo is one of the largest family-owned multinationals in the Middle East and is proud through Kanoo Machinery to associate with and to appoint Abdul Lateef Jameel Machinery as an OEM Dealer (OEMD) for Perkins diesel engines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Graeme De Villiers, Regional Power Manager for Kanoo Machinery added,

“To meet the demands of the new generation of technologically advanced Perkins engines entering the market, Kanoo Machinery has chosen to partner with Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery as an OEMD to ensure that Teksan generators powered by Perkins receive the highest standards of warranty support across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Teksan Generators produce high quality diesel, natural gas and biogas driven generator sets, co-generation, tri-generation solutions and hybrid power systems. Perkins Engines, a subsidiary of Caterpillar, is a diesel engine manufacturer for several sectors including power generation and industrial. The Teksan Generators supplied by Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery are mostly powered by Perkins engines.