Abdul Latif Jameel Industrial Equipment – a core part of Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery – has been recognized with the Toyota Material Handling International (TMHI) Vision 2025 Award as a result of their latest achievements.

Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery is one of the leading material handling equipment businesses in Saudi Arabia, having been in operation since 1975. 

Toyota Material Handling International (TMHI) is a total solution provider within the material handling business and is a part of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO).  With a leading position in material handling, TMHI provides worldwide material handling and logistics solutions and comprehensive product range to optimize its clients’ operations.  Toyota’s material handling line up consists of Toyota, BT, and Raymond brands.

The TMHI Vision 2025 Award identifies and recognizes the various activities which can help grow business performance and achieve steady, stable growth year after year.  Partners are rewarded for their commitment to customer satisfaction and strong teamwork.

Saaer Khory, Operations Director, Abdul Latif Jameel Industrial Equipment, said, “It is an honor to receive this award and it is a great motivator to me and the team to continue to strive for excellence in our work.  We provide a wide spectrum of material handling equipment and work closely with Toyota Material Handling International to ensure our customers receive the very latest technology and state of the art machinery to support in their projects.”