Almar Water Solutions, a leading company in the development of water infrastructure and part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy, through Osmoflo SpA, has been awarded a new operation and maintenance contract for a major industrial client in northern Chile.

Mantos Copper, a well-respected mining company engaged in the extraction and commercialization of copper with two projects in the area: Mantos Blancos and Mantoverde. Almar Water Solutions will operate the water treatment plant for Mantos Blancos.

This new contract, with a duration of three years, will include 24/7 service provided by qualified experienced professionals who will transfer to the client’s facilities in the Antofagasta region, thereby promoting local job creation.  Almar Water Solutions will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of a reverse-osmosis process-water plant, which will produce quality water for use in the mining activity at Mantos Blancos.

The Mantos Blancos project is a mining complex located in Region II, 45 kilometers northeast of the city of Antofagasta and at an elevation of 800 meters above sea level.  As well as the primary mine, it also comprising  crushing plants and installations for processing oxidized and sulfide ores.

Gonzalo Gómez-Rodulfo, services manager of Almar Water Solutions, after the signing of the contract, said that

“this new project strengthens the services area of Almar Water Solutions and will help Mantos Blancos to guarantee the operational excellence of its water infrastructure, enabling it to optimize costs and increase its annual copper production”.

After the acquisition of Osmoflo SpA in 2019, Almar Water Solutions has become a new ally in the operation and maintenance of water treatment plants, offering optimum and efficient performance of the assets, using state-of-the-art management systems and computerized models.  With this new project, Almar Water Solutions now has a portfolio with multiple operation and maintenance projects, especially in the Latin American region, which presents special conditions and challenges in terms of its geography, topology and the distribution of water resources.