Known as the ‘land of the rising sun’ Japan is an archipelago on the eastern edge of Asia, comprised of four main islands and over 6,000 smaller islands which, collectively, house its 126 million citizens. Despite its relatively small size, Japan has the third-largest economy worldwide, propelled by highly successful automotive and consumer electronics industries, a world-class infrastructure and is recognized globally as leading in tech and innovation.

With a GDP of almost USD $5 trillion, Japan currently counts more than 50 companies in the Fortune Global 500 ranking of the world’s largest corporations. Rated as A+ with positive outlook by Standard and Poor’s, Japan’s economy is holding firm, with the corporate sector continuing to push the technology envelope in fields such as robotics, medical devices, clean energy, satellite communications and spacecraft, water processing and other high tech industries.

Japan is known for some of the world’s most extraordinary ideas and inventions, from video cameras and computer games to the bullet train, with the country and its people able to innovate like nowhere else.  Now, the country is at the forefront of driving revolutionary technologies:

  • building one of the world’s fastest supercomputers
  • becoming a global hub for artificial intelligence research
  • developing vehicles powered by algae biofuel
  • discovering new methods of harnessing natural resources to build towards large-scale use of renewable energy.

Abdul Latif Jameel shares a special history with Japan, having a prestigious partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation, spanning more than six decades since 1955, making us one of the world’s largest independent distributors of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, and borne out of a shared vision and culture.

In 2014, we established our Tokyo Visitors’ Center as a gateway to international investment. Today, we are ideally positioned for East to East and global trade and have expanded this relationship with Japan now partnering with over 30 Japanese businesses. This continues to lead to new initiatives from international trade to renewable energy investments and to introduce new technologies, products and insights across the MENAT region and beyond, facilitating innovation and job creation.

We look forward to continued prosperity together in the future. Find out more about our presence in Japan here.