Access to health care should be a basic human right, and yet, millions of people around the world are denied this, because of where they were born.  We believe a person’s birthplace, proximity to infrastructure, or lack of wealth should not be a barrier to access to modern healthcare

Today, on World Health Day 2021, we are joining the United Nations and the World Health Organization in working to build a fairer, healthier world for everyone

The world is still dramatically unequal:

  • Two-thirds of sub-Saharan countries fail the World Health Organization global target of 80% of people living within two hours of a hospital
  • More than 287 million people – including 64 million women of child-bearing age – live more than two hours away from medical care (WHO)
  • More than 1 billion people living in informal settlements or slums face increased challenges in preventing infection (UN SDG)
  • Life expectancy sits at 53 years old in Central African Republic, while it is 82 years old in the Netherlands (WHO)

ALJ Healthcare Rich and Poor

These are the startling facts which underline why Abdul Latif Jameel Health was created.

We are an accelerator for access to modern medical care, by opening new markets for existing therapeutics, and investing in breakthrough technologies to drive healthcare inclusion for all.

Our vision reflects the Jameel family’s long-standing commitment to supporting science, and technology-led solutions to global challenges.

This World Health Day, we join in answering the call from the UN and WHO to work towards a new future.

Access to Healthcare Infographic