Job Creation
In 2015, our continued drive to help to create jobs that both power the economy and empower our citizens through Bab Rizq Jameel, assisted nearly 133,540 people into employment through its miscellaneous programs both domestically and internationally across our region. This brings our total since we began this in 2003, to 720,000 – a valuable achievement and investment in our collective future.

Health and Social
In the area of health and social programs, Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital continues to offer its rehabilitation services. Since its creation until the end of 2015, the hospital has assisted in the rehabilitation of over 61,388 people In addition, the Orphans Program, has, since 2005, provided educational and recreational trips for 221 high-performing orphan children, including last year’s trip to Japan which lasted for eight days.

In February, HRH, The Prince of Wales presented an Honorary Knighthood to Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, for his philanthropic activities and support for the development of the arts and culture in the UK. Mr Jameel is internationally recognized for his support for the development of the arts and culture. Most notably, he has played a significant part in a project to restore the Islamic Gallery housed in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Community Jameel also founded the Jameel Prize in partnership with the Victoria & Albert Museum. Awarded every two years, the Jameel Prize is an international art prize awarded to up-and-coming artists and designers inspired by Islamic traditions of art, craft and design.

Education and Training
In Education Jameel, the 1001 Inventions Exhibition showcase has reached and inspired over 200 million visitors to its roadshows worldwide since its inception.

Additionally, the Abdul Latif Jameel-Toyota MIT Fund has now supported more than 165 scholarships, while INJAZ (in which Community Jameel was a founder), continues to reach thousands of students – both of these programs aim to inspire our region’s young talent to reach their potential.

Art and Culture
In arts, the Jameel Gallery for Islamic Art at London’s V&A Museum continued its success in 2015, the V&A Museum had over 3.7 million visitors.

Alongside this, a total of 250 international artists participated in the 3rd Jameel Islamic Art Award in 2014; the 4th Award will launch over the coming months. Our partnerships with the Edge of Arabia initiative and Crossway Foundation continued their support for contemporary art by holding some 10+ local and international exhibitions worldwide, visited by thousands of people. The Prince’s Trust and Community Jameel opened the Jameel House of Traditional Arts & Building Skills in Scotland, the third such center after Cairo and Jeddah.