and Imperial College London have created a new Excellence Fund to support the scale-up of crucial COVID-19 projects. 
With equal funding from both parties, the fund will issue grants to researchers at Imperial on the frontline of the global response to the pandemic.
Fady Jameel comments:
“The work of the team at the Jameel Institute (J-IDEA) (at Imperial) has been at the forefront of enabling policy makers and the public to make more sense of the pandemic.
We are humbled to be able to support the vital research they do and, with the new Excellence Fund, continue to enable scientists to rigorously explore new avenues in tackling this most important of challenges.” 
Imperial and Community Jameel co-founded the Jameel Institute (J-IDEA) in 2019, with the mission of combating the threat of disease worldwide using expertise in data analytics, modelling and epidemiology to understand the causes of the diseases and health crises affecting populations around the world, and to find workable solutions to address these.