Dr. Simba Gill, Chief Executive Officer, Evelo Biosciences has taken part in an interview with Abdul Latif Jameel Health to discuss their breakthrough science and what that means for inclusive, accessible healthcare.

Dr. Simba Gill, Evelo Biosciences
Dr. Simba Gill, CEO, Evelo Biosciences

“Our medicines are oral, they’re convenient, they’re room temperature stable, they’re very safe and they’re very affordable.  And that allows us, as you think about the lessons from the pandemic, to essentially think about delivering that product to everybody.  You’d all like to have a product on your shelves at home in case you developed COVID or any other serious future viral infection, which the moment you had symptoms, you could take a pill and it would prevent the progression and development of serious COVID.  Everybody in the world would like that.”

–  Simba Gill, CEO, Evelo Biosciences

In the video, he talks of the collaboration with Abdul Latif Jameel Health where they are working together to deliver the program, and a future where they could distribute these kinds of medicines to everybody across Africa and the Middle East, and eventually, the 10 billion people in the world.

Read the recent Q&A between Dr Simba Gill and Dr Akram Bouchenaki, Chief Executive Officer of Abdul Latif Jameel Health here, and read the official strategic collaboration announcement here.