Abdul Latif Jameel Motors Saudi Arabia is dedicated to enhancing the skills and expertise of its Associates, and for almost two decades it has provided a unique opportunity for candidates to work in Japan through the Toyota Intra-Company Training (ICT) Program. 

In a new series of videos, we hear from Associates who have experienced new cultures, workplaces, languages, and environments to develop their personal and professional lives.

Ehab Omar Bajnaid, General Manager Product Planning, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors Saudi Arabia – Lexus talks about living and working in Japan and experiencing new adventures.

He says:

“Travelling and coexisting with another society changes a lot in a person, let alone travelling to Japan, which is considered to many as another planet.

“The Japanese have a different culture than us regarding their lifestyle and daily routine. When it comes to their natural attitude in general, I noticed they tend to be quiet and avoid making loud noises or speaking loudly in public transportation or public areas in general. When it comes to their attitude at work, they tend to take decisions unanimously rather than individually”.

Throughout the program, participants delve into Japanese culture while also expand their knowledge of the ‘Toyota Way’ and ‘Kaizen’ philosophy for continuous improvement. 

The program also offers training courses covering various areas such as marketing, supply chain management, and spare parts services.

Ehab Bajnaid

This experience has qualified some of Abdul Latif Jameel Motors’ leaders and has helped develop the skills of future leaders, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, to strengthen the national workforce and enhance their capabilities.

Ehab adds:

“On the practical level, I have become more organized in my work, and this consistency in my work allowed me to have more time for myself. For me as Ehab, having more time to master and improve my work and my attention to detail was one of the things I gained in Japan and focused on a lot.

“On a personal level, my friendship with the Japanese people I met here, and the time I spent with them gave me a very positive energy where I would ensure to give my all to perfect any task whether simple or hard.”