Abdul Latif Jameel has launched a first-of-its-kind driving experience in Saudi Arabia, designed to test drive four-wheel drive cars. The launch event took place at the “4X4 Experience” display area and circuit in King’s Abduaziz Road, Jeddah, in the presence of Abdul Latif Jameel associates, VIP guests, car enthusiasts and members of the media.

The inauguration of the “4X4 Experience” included an introductory tour of the premises and a presentation of Abdul Latif Jameel and Toyota’s vision for this unique experience, which is expected to become popular among car enthusiats.

The new “4X4 Experience ” occupies an area of 25,000 square meters, consisting of an integrated display area for Toyota 4X4 vehicles and a circuit dedicated to driving and endurance tests on various types of simulated road and driving conditions. Moreover, Toyota team will organize events that focus on fun, safety and innovation.

Dr. Adel Mohammed Ezzat, Managing Director of Marketing at Abdul Latif Jameel, expressed his delight at the launch of this innovative experience which will be a home for excitement and adventure, saying: “The launch coincides with Adul Latif Jameel’s celebration of six decades of dedicated service in the Saudi market, which has earned Abdul Latif Jameel’s the trust of generations of customers in the Saudi market.”

“4X4 enthusiasts now have a special home to exercise their favorite hobby and test their driving abilities while learning the basics of driving sports cars. Most importantly, the “4X4 Experience” enables participants to identify and commit to the principles of safe driving, which will contribute to promoting traffic awareness among young people and raise road safety levels,” he continued.

Dr. Adel pointed out that the establishment of the “4X4 Experience” comes in the context of Abdul Latif Jameel’s strong relationship with the Saudi market and is one of a number of programs and creativities that aim to serve the community.

“The “4X4 Experience” is an endorsement of Toyota’s policy that puts safety at the top of its priorities,” he added.

With a commitment to its “Guest First ” policy and excellence in everything it offers, Abdul Latif Jameel supports the Toyota brand in the Saudi market through an extensive network of sales showrooms and maintenance centers strategically located across Saudi Arabia to provide convenient access for its customers wherever they are.