• Partnership will focus on improving production efficiency and performance across network of factories
  • Lean Culture will support sustainable job opportunities for women and people with disabilities

Four Principles, Abdul Latif Jameel’s dedicated Lean Management company, and Nesma Holding have announced the launch of a new partnership to implement a Lean Culture across Nesma Holding’s non-profit organization, Nesma Embroidery.  The collaboration will oversee the design and implementation of Lean Principles to all Nesma Embroidery textile factories, to sustainably improve production output and order-to-delivery process.  Through newly-developed centralized production scheduling tools, the model will deliver better customer experience, improve production efficiency and unlock performance potential.

Modeled on a Lean Management approach of Business Process Re-engineering, leading regional experts Four Principles will offer advisory, training and implementation services based on the ‘Kaizen’ philosophy, to boost performance through eliminating waste and maximizing the utilization of resources.  Pioneered by Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation, this industrial mindset is widely recognized as the global benchmark for operational efficiency.

Established in 2009, the Nesma Embroidery and Tailoring Center (Nesma Embroidery) is a non-profit center that employs local Saudi Arabian women, many of whom are speech-and-hearing impaired or have other special needs, to work in a country-wide network of factories manufacturing textile goods for individual customers, designers, and corporate clients.  The center strives to create a local industry that offers sustainable employment opportunities to satisfy local demand for such products, whilst also integrating women and people with disabilities into the workforce as productive members of their community.

Seif Shieshakly, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Four Principles, said:

“We at Four Principles are truly honored and humbled to support Nesma Embroidery in its noble mission of creating sustainable jobs for women across Saudi Arabia.  In line with the Government’s Vision 2030 plan to empower women, reduce unemployment and ensure equal access to job opportunities, implementing a Lean Culture will help to integrate people with disabilities into the community and increase the rate of women in employment helping them achieve a key step on the path to economic independence.”

Noura Al-Turki, Vice President of Nesma Holding, said:

“We aim to improve our operational performance in order to achieve an even higher level of excellence.  Our aim is for a Nesma Embroidery factory to be opened in every village in Saudi Arabia.  This ambitious vision requires a degree of collaboration to ensure that the factories are standardized and sustainable – which is what we hope to enable through our partnership with Four Principles.  This is why we truly look forward to witnessing the results of the Lean Transformation on our organization.”

About Four Principles

Founded in 2010, Four Principles Management Consulting was created to bring the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen (改善), or continuous improvement to the GCC region, making it accessible to a wider audience, and offering the opportunity in the region for traditional companies to transition into fully integrated Lean organizations, while maintaining unique client-favorable approaches.

Today, Four Principles is widely recognized as one of the leading Lean Management consulting firms in the GCC, and a pioneer in the transfer of Lean Management disciplines from the automotive industry into other business sectors, by successfully partnering with multiple renowned businesses and brands across the GCC, in implementing industry-tailored Lean management solutions, resulting in reduced waste, increased resource efficiency and elevated overall performance.