• Four Principles to lead implementation of Lean production to increase Tania’s organizational and operational efficiency
  • Partnership will focus on improving performance of sales and distributions process

Four Principles, an Abdul Latif Jameel company, and the first dedicated Lean management consultancy in Saudi Arabia, has collaborated with Tania Bottled Water Company since January 2019, aiming to implement Lean methodologies across the company and its distribution system in Saudi Arabia, through a holistic approach to improve production performance.

Modeled on a Lean Management approach of Business Process Re-engineering, leading regional experts Four Principles will offer advisory, training and implementation services based on the ‘Kaizen’ philosophy, designed to boost performance by eliminating waste and maximizing the utilization of resources.  Pioneered by Japanese automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation, this industrial mindset is widely recognized as the global benchmark for operational efficiency.

Tania Bottled Water Company was established in 2003 at the hands of young ambitious Saudis and flourished until it reached its status today as one of the biggest water bottling companies in the Middle East. Tania has several branches across Saudi Arabia to ensure the smooth and direct distribution of its products to its customers. At Tania quality is not just a way of work or a status it wishes to accomplish, but an internal belief and the foundation of any endeavor it embarks on. The numerous prestigious global and local awards it earned is a testament to this belief it follows. Tania’s corporate culture is unique and its vision aims to realize a healthy reality in its operations and the environment it operates in.

Seif Shieshakly, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Four Principles, commented:

The key to excellence lies in ensuring that every stage of operational performance is fully optimized, with waste eliminated wherever possible.  Efficient manufacturing and total productive maintenance form the backbone of Lean production, which explains its success amongst businesses and organizations worldwide.”

Showimy Alktab, CEO of Tania Bottled Water Company, said:

“Our mission is to establish a distinguished position in the regional and global water industry for Tania, based on the principle of “Quality First”.  By partnering with Four Principles to optimize our operational processes, we are confident that we will continue to deliver the very highest quality water solutions to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Founded in 2010, Four Principles Management Consulting was created to bring the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen (改善), or continuous improvement to the GCC region, making it accessible to a wider audience, and offering the opportunity in the region for traditional companies to transition into fully integrated Lean organizations, while maintaining unique client-favorable approaches.

Today, Four Principles is widely recognized as one of the leading Lean Management consulting firms in the GCC, and a pioneer in the transfer of Lean Management disciplines from the automotive industry into other business sectors, by successfully partnering with multiple renowned businesses and brands across the GCC, in implementing industry-tailored Lean management solutions, resulting in reduced waste, increased resource efficiency and elevated overall performance.