Four Principles, the leading Lean Management consultancy and part of Abdul Latif Jameel, is supporting businesses in the region to navigate and manage through the current economic environment.

According to their new advisory paper:

“When a crisis hits, a capable cross-functional team should be in place to construct a detailed scenario of the main threat(s), with a breakdown of possible solutions and outcomes; allowing the organization to estimate the impact and consequences of potential paths the crisis may travel.

This helps the organization in making major decisions quickly based on facts with long-term positive ripples, rather than impulsively reacting to current developments with short-term resolutions.”

Crisis Management in the time of COVID-19

Implementation of Crisis Management across 3 Levels of an Organization

Four Principles was launched in 2010 and joined the Abdul Latif Jameel family in 2017, offering advisory, training and implementation services to organizations based on the Kaizen philosophy, an industrial mindset pioneered by Japanese corporations designed to boost efficiency and performance, eliminate waste, and maximize utilization of resources.

The company is dedicated to promoting the Lean philosophy in Saudi Arabia – and the wider region – and to demonstrate how it is not just a management toolkit, but a profound change of corporate culture, from the bottom of the organization to the top and vice versa.

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