FRV, the flagship renewable energy business of Abdul Latif Jameel and part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy, has underlined the significance of the Italian market in a new video with Jaime Linares Salazar, Country Manager, FRV Italy, and Andrea Fontana, . Managing Director, FRV Europe.

The new video outlines the history of FRV, an independent producer of renewable energy that started its activity in utility scale projects in Spain and Italy almost two decades ago.

Starting as utility-scale renewable energy infrastructure developers, FRV has expanded its global geographic footprint and capabilities becoming independent power producers (IPP)s and today is also a pioneer in Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) on a worldwide basis, and the use of green hydrogen for public transport in Spain.

Speaking from the FRV Italy office in Rome, in the new video, Jaime articulates his vision:

We believe Italy plays an essential role in our growth.  We want to contribute to the sustainable energy transition of this beautiful country.  The Italian market must reach a new capacity in the renewable sector by 2030, based on the European Directive.

“In the Italian team, there are excellent professionals with solid experience that have successfully operated in the Italian market, with great capacity to face challenges in different creative ways that add value to the business.

“Our vision is to become the main platform for the sustainable solution on a worldwide large scale.  We want to create a better future through renewable energy.”

San Servan, FRV