Abdul Latif Jameel was named the newest Innovation Member of the New Cities Foundation, a global non-profit organization that aims to shape a better urban future for all. Abdul Latif Jameel thus joins other global corporate and institutional members of NCF such as Cisco, Toyota Mobility Foundation, Ericsson, Citibank, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and many others.

Abdul Latif Jameel and the New Cities Foundation are currently studying a new initiative to alleviate traffic congestion and improve urban mobility in major cities across Saudi Arabia. This initiative will be implemented through the company’s social enterprise arm, Community Jameel, which promotes a positive society and economic sustainability in a number of different fields, including job creation, poverty alleviation, water and food security, arts and culture, and education.

As one of Saudi Arabia’s leading diversified businesses, Abdul Latif Jameel is currently implementing a US$2 billion expansion plan across a range of industries, as the country undergoes a range of diversification initiatives, recently outlined by the government’s 2030 Vision plan.

Hassan Jameel, Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic, said: “Today, Saudi Arabia is going through a remarkable economic transition, underpinned by a bold government plan that we fully support. Improved urban planning has a huge impact on economic growth, and we look forward to working with New Cities Foundation on facilitating better urban planning in Saudi Arabia for a brighter future for generations to come.”

He added, “Through Community Jameel, we have longstanding programs dedicated to road safety awareness steered by our Road Safety Committee. Our collaboration with the New Cities Foundation will come as a natural extension to our existing programs and will allow us to grow them even further. Equally, it gives us an opportunity to have a meaningful contribution towards the Foundation and its various plans.”

John Rossant, New Cities Foundation Chairman, said: “We are excited to be partnering with Abdul Latif Jameel, and working closely with its social enterprise arm, Community Jameel, to power sustainable urban development across the globe. Community Jameel’s focus on core urban issues such as culture, employment, food and water security will open many doors for collaboration on improving life at the urban scale, not only in the Middle East, but around the world.”

Founded in 2010, the New Cities Foundation seeks to understand challenges and identify new solutions for improving the quality of life in urban centers, from urban mobility and healthcare, to infrastructure and energy grids as well as municipal government systems. Their vision reflects the goals of Abdul Latif Jameel, which seeks to foster positive social and economic growth by easing unemployment, enabling research for poverty alleviation, and providing education and training opportunities.