How can we protect our vital water resources as the impacts of climate change intensify?

How can we make availability to clean water equitable and sustainable?

Sunday 22nd March was World Water Day 2020 and the Abdul Latif Jameel Food and Systems Lab (J-WAFS)  at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) released a special edition newsletter, detailing how some of their funded projects are focused on answering these questions. You can view the newsletter here

“Assuring safe and sufficient water for all is among the 21st century’s most urgent challenges. Water supplies will see growing strain as the effects of climate change intensify and as populations continue to grow. We must unite across disciplines and across nations to ensure reliable access to clean water for the future.”
John H. Lienhard V, J-WAFS Director

Since it was established in 2014, J-WAFS has gathered attention around the world for its pioneering work to help tackle water and food challenges in the face of climate change, population growth, and increasing urbanization and development across the globe.

Read more about the Lab and its vital work here.