• NX 200t offers outstanding performance with the first-ever Lexus turbocharged gasoline engine combined with excellent driving dynamics
  • ‘F SPORT’ model offers special driving experience with a more aggressive exterior design and a more luxurious interior

Abdul Latif Jameel, a distributor for Lexus vehicles in Saudi Arabia has launched the striking new Lexus NX 200t premium crossover into the Saudi market.

The NX 200t is the first crossover offered by Lexus to be powered by a turbocharged engine and provides a compelling choice with an interior that delivers all Lexus’ signature luxury with dramatic exterior styling.

A special ‘F SPORT’ version of the NX 200t takes the model to even greater heights and displays the boldest interpretation yet of the signature Lexus ‘spindle’ front grille and the brand’s ‘L-finesse’ design philosophy.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Lexus NX Chief Engineer Takeaki Kato said: “The NX 200t is a premium crossover combining performance, numerous on-board technologies and an alluring design to make it desirable for customers. Luxury is epitomised by attention to even small but important details that make a big difference, like the courtesy lights, the feel of the switches and other innovations that set new standards for future Lexus models. Lexus NX represents the ultimate in premium urban sports gear and is designed to support an active lifestyle on the weekend while also complementing daily life on the move.”

In response, Mr. Hassan Mohammed Jameel, Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic Operations commented “The new Lexus NX will satisfy a large number of customers in Saudi Arabia thanks to its cutting-edge technology and sophisticated specification. The Lexus NX will continue to add to the success and customer confidence in the Lexus brand in Saudi Arabia. We will continue our work to reinforce the deep emotional connection between Lexus and its loyal customer base in Saudi Arabia.”

Looking like more a sports-car than traditional sport utility vehicle, the NX 200t features numerous firsts in a Lexus, including keyhole-less outside door handle, cylinder head with integrated exhaust manifold, a Wireless Charging Tray for compatible phones and devices and the new Lexus Remote Touch Interface (RTI) with a touch pad and a Pre-Load Differential to control differential torque.

Bold and Sporty Styling
The striking angles and smoothly flowing contours of the NX 200t lend it a distinct visual appeal. From its dramatic spindle grille and L-themed headlights to a body that appears carved from a single chunk of metal, there will be no mistaking the NX 200t for anything else in its class. Sculpted to look nimble the NX 200t embodies an aggressive form that makes its functionality and higher performance evident at a glance.

Unmatched Performance
For its first-ever turbocharged gasoline engine, Lexus created all-new engine architecture. The 2.0-liter, four-cylinder port and direct-injection turbo engine with an advanced valve control system to switch between Atkinson cycle and Otto cycle operation to optimize performance.
The new engine was tested extensively on various road conditions and harsh environments, and comes with a world-first combination of water-cooled cylinder head integrated exhaust manifold and twin scroll turbo charger.

Best-in-class Technology
The NX 200t’s array of technological innovations sets new standards for future Lexus models. The NX 200t features the first application of a new Lexus Remote Touch Interface (RTI) with a touch pad, letting the driver access various functions without changing the driving position or taking the eyes away from the view in front of the vehicle. For zero-distraction, the front-seat passenger can also easily operate the RTI.

Advanced Safety features
The Lexus NX 200t comes with a comprehensive suite of active and passive safety features. The Panoramic View Monitor, introduced into a Lexus vehicle for the first time, helps the driver avoid other vehicles and pedestrians approaching from the sides. This system combines video from four cameras mounted to the front and rear sides of the vehicle, offering a view of everything happening around the car, including in blind spots. The display is automatically adjusted based on gear-stick operation, with the system able to display enlarged views from above the vehicle.

F SPORT model
The F SPORT model promises a special driving experience with a more aggressive look than the standard model. The L-mesh black grille integrates with a metallic coated lower bumper moulding, and black side mirrors match the grille. Exclusive wheels, cabin styling and trim and bolstered sports seats add to the F SPORT repertoire in the NX 200t.