Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt has announced the launch of a new financial literacy campaign to help empower customers with ways in which they can enhance their quality of life and survive financially difficult times.

The campaign highlights a series of meaningful, evidence-based tips tailored to helping customers save and invest for their future to achieve financial security and welfare.

With an aim to target more than 500,000 Egyptian citizens – both men and women – aged between 22 and 65, the campaign comes at a time when inflation if soaring in the country and consumer spending behavior is changing dramatically as citizens feel they are no longer able to sustain the same quality of life they are used to and are becoming increasingly concerned about their financial futures.

Tips include ‘spend smarter, not harder’, which encourages people to take a closer look at their expenses and see where they can cut back on spending – prioritizing things that matter most to a person and look for cost-effective alternatives. 

Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt financial literacy

Another asks customers to set financial goals sooner rather than later in order to make their financial dreams a reality.  Creating and revising a budget to stay on track is vital, and will help bring a clear understanding of income and expenses in order to prioritize spending.

The campaign is being run on Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt’s digital channels in order to reach the most amount of customers; 97% of the targeted audience owns a smart phone with an average daily use of 2 hours 39 minutes spent on social media.

For more information about the campaign, follow Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, or visit the website.