Staff development is key across all departments in the Abdul Latif Jameel business. However, we do not just focus on professional growth: we are committed to creating a supportive and constructive environment that enables our team to flourish both professionally and personally.

Alec Derkaloustian, General Manager in Abdul Latif Jameel’s Facilities, Development, Health, Safety and Environment department, grew up in Lebanon. His father owned a fire protection business, prompting an interest in Alec that has stayed with him throughout this career.

In the early 1990s, Alec studied at the University of Illinois and the University of Maryland before joining his father’s business. However, in 2007, he made the decision to join Abdul Latif Jameel in our Dubai offices. Now, more than a decade later and surrounded by friends from around the world, Alec says he could not be happier with his chosen path.

“My entire professional life has been devoted to fire protection, but it is during the last 10 years when I have been working with Abdul Latif Jameel, that my confidence has really developed. Working here gives you the skills, expertise and self-belief to feel that you can survive in any situation.

“My role is incredibly varied, and the range of people I meet and work with is extremely rewarding. It’s a diverse group and you have to be aware of cultural sensitivities – how you liaise with an engineer from one part of the world can be very different to how you liaise with another from the opposite side of the globe. But that diversity is our strength: we work with architects, consultants and engineers from around the world to ensure every project is delivered to the highest of Abdul Latif Jameel’s expectations. 

“I came to the UAE from Lebanon, and there’s a thriving community of Lebanese workers within Abdul Latif Jameel. That all adds to the feeling that the company is one giant family. We spend time together every day and that shared sense of spirit and teamwork is one of the biggest advantages of working for Abdul Latif Jameel. It’s an amazing environment in which to spend your working life.”