Teamwork and collaboration are vital to any business’s success, which is why Abdul Latif Jameel looks for employees who demonstrate a positive attitude and commitment to excellence in everything they do. Our operations provide opportunities for all our people to develop both personally and professionally.

Originally from the UK, Daren Ambrose is now the Chief Executive Officer of Aftermarket Operations, Abdul Latif Jameel. He joined the organization three years ago and is responsible for nine different businesses covering manufacturing, distribution and branding.

Daren believes some of the world’s best people work at Abdul Latif Jameel, giving the organisation the skills and knowledge to solve complex problems, while at the same time fostering a friendly and enjoyable working environment.

“What’s so unique about Abdul Latif Jameel is the competency of our workforce. We have some incredibly talented and knowledgeable team members, and it’s a very inspirational place to work. I am the CEO of Aftermarket Operations and I look after nine different businesses within the Automotive Aftermarket division, which covers manufacturing, distribution and branding, so my job is incredibly varied.

“A large part of my role involves liaising between different entities and shareholders, and implementing both short- and long-term plans across the business. I enjoy the challenge of problem solving and communicating strategy plans across the departments. The fact that every day is different is a real plus, too. As it is a family business, we all feel invested in its success.

“Living in Dubai gives you access to many exciting places; being placed geographically between east and west means fans of travel will love the different destinations on our doorstep. Exploring the wider region has been a real highlight. I also enjoy the many sporting activities on offer in the UAE. I’m a keen scuba diver, and there are lots of reefs and wrecks around the UAE coastline that keep me busy at weekends.

“The main advice I would give to anyone looking to move to the UAE would be to do your research on where to live, and to pick a community near to the office to cut down on your commute time. Also, formulate a savings plan as soon as possible. With so much to do in Dubai finding the balance between saving and spending is best discovered early in your time here! If you leave your preconceptions behind and are prepared to adjust culturally, then you’ll settle in quickly.”