Being determined to succeed is crucial for any employee.  However, at Abdul Latif Jameel, we also recognize and understand the importance of excellent teamwork in delivering true success to our customers.  With our “Quality Before Everything” philosophy, we are committed to consistently providing the best environment in which teams can flourish, with supportive management and world-class facilities enabling individuals to achieve their full potential.

Awad Al Kareem Jafeer, Service Engineer at Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery, Komatsu, grew up in Sudan.  He joined Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery in 2012 and today still gets intense satisfaction from working with colleagues he likes and trusts, and seeing the customers’ reaction to our work.

In his spare time, Awad enjoys some of the many leisure pursuits available in Saudi Arabia.  A keen reader, he loves to visit his local library, which has a diverse range of books.  He also relaxes and keeps fit by swimming regularly, either in his accommodation’s swimming pool or in the sea.

“I’m now in my fifth year at Abdul Latif Jameel and I’d recommend working here to anyone. I’m part of a very strong team and that gives enormous satisfaction.  You can tell how good the team is by the fact that we are all good friends, not just good colleagues.

 “The other satisfying part of the job is seeing the appreciation of our customers when we successfully repair their vehicles and machines.  I’m responsible for transmissions, engine overhauls and general engine troubleshooting, and we’ve got all the tools we need to offer excellent service.

 “The management also provide a welcoming and supportive environment.  They are always ready to listen to the team and regularly offer training opportunities.  If you’re ambitious, there is a clear path for promotion – meaning morale and motivation are always high.”