Abdul Latif Jameel’s Toyota operations in Turkey (Toyota Türkiye Pazarlama ve Satış A.Ş.) has been recognized for an innovative CSR campaign urging drivers to use their car horns less.

The campaign – ‘Do not honk the horn, do not disturb me’ – won two prizes at the prestigious MediaCat Felis Awards, which recognize creativity and excellence in the Turkish marketing and advertising industry. The campaign aimed to highlight the negative environmental and social impact of excessive use of car horns, and make drivers think twice before using them.

The project saw a special interactive billboard installed in one of Istanbul’s busiest areas. The number of honks in that specific location were then recorded during a period of 24 hours and the results beamed live on-screen.

The creative initiative garnered the support of a number of government bodies, including the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, the Ministry of Health, the Directorate General of Security and as well as the Istanbul Chamber of Artisan Taxi Drivers.

Part of Abdul Latif Jameel Turkey’s CSR programme, the campaign won both the ‘Achievement Award in the Outdoor Use’ and the ‘Felis Award in the Ambience Category’ at the event organized by MediaCat, Turkey’s leading marketing and communications publication.