• By linking people, cars and communities, Toyota is working towards a society where everyone can feel safe, secure and happy each day of their life.

Toyota’s vision for the future is a Smart Mobility Society and to promote this aim the Japanese auto manufacturer puts huge investments into research and development worldwide. The objective is to link cars, people and communities in order to develop a society in which everyone can feel safe, secure and happy as they move through each day of their life.

”Rewarded with a smile by exceeding your expectations; this is the Toyota Global Vision signature statement exploring our passion to lead the way to the future of mobility that enables an enhanced, totally integrated lifestyle,” stated Dr. Adel Ezzat, Managing Director of Marketing at Abdul Latif Jameel.

“Toyota contributes to the safest and most responsible ways of people’s transportation, and to enriching the lives of communities around the world. Everyone at Toyota will continue striving to exceed expectations and the smiles that we earn from our customers are our greatest reward.”

As Toyota forges ahead towards an integrated world where cars and information technology are one, the company researches, develops and adopts the newest technologies and delivers them to as many people as possible. Toyota’s success in putting 5,000,000 hybrid cars on the road is a realization of this ambition.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) require the integrated approach for “people”, “vehicles” and “traffic environment”. Creating “always better cars” is Toyota’s main focus as an automaker. Thus the company has been working with various vehicles technologies in order to realize safer, more ecological and comfortable mobility for its customers.

Today, the situation around us is changing rapidly; progressive aging of society in developed nations, increased population growth and urbanization in emerging nations; and an increasingly diverse range of energy sources. Technological innovations raise what is expected from the automobile not just as a means of transport but to something that plays additional roles in people’s life and society.

Looking to the future, Toyota will meet this challenging goal by innovating vehicle technologies in order to realize an enhanced lifestyle that offers people peace of mind in a smart mobility society where vehicles will manifest new kinds of value-added functions and attractive features that are closely connect all aspects of human activity and life as a part of smart communities worldwide.

A smart mobility society of people who enjoy peace of mind, excitement and happiness by being connected with vehicles and their communities – this is what  Toyota aims to realize by utilizing advanced Information Communication Technologies to enable Intelligent Transport Systems that bring more smiles the faces of its customers.

Based on a history of more than half a century of outstanding success, the partnership between Toyota Motor Corporation and Abdul Latif Jameel Company has grown into one of the leading automotive dealerships in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest Toyota independent distributors in the world.