More than 100 parents and teachers who work with special needs children have learned new skills after Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation staged an awareness program, in partnership with the Saudi Association for Special Education (Gester).

The program, which operated under the slogan ‘Early intervention is the start of the road‘, reinforced teachers’ capabilities and provided parents with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle and address any disability.

Parents and teachers gathered for four hours in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to hear discussions on a range of topics. Dr Mahmoud Khalifa spoke about delayed growth and development; Mrs Reem Abdulrazak covered delayed growth and its effect on behavior; and Mr Khaled Alzahrani introduced a worksheet about the importance of early diagnosis and intervention of autism.

The program also discussed tools and methods to be used by teachers and those responsible for special needs individuals in diagnosis and assessment centers during a child’s early years.