In cooperation with the Jeddah Municipality, Abdul Latif JCommunity Initiatives (ALJCI) has drafted an agreement to create the world’s tallest and biggest flag in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah Municipality has given its permission for Tariq ben Ziyad roundabout (previously known as Al Sofon roundabout) to host the new flag, as it is such a prominent location. The flag will mark the starting point for pilgrims arriving from Makkah, and the end of King Abdullah Street and the beginning of King Abdulaziz Street (Al Andalus). The location is near the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jeddah Municipality and the Cornice, which hosts the tallest fountain in the world.

Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, President of ALJCI, said that ALJCI had been working in collaboration with the Jeddah Municipality for a year on this project. The decision to donate the tallest and biggest flag in the world, as a gift from ALJCI, was made in order to welcome the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques back to Saudi Arabia after his hospital visit abroad. Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel stated that ALJCI would be responsible for the costs of maintaining the flag for four years after erection. HE Dr. Hani Abou Rass, Mayor of Jeddah, thanked ALJCI for this initiative, saying that this project will be an important landmark in Jeddah.

ALJCI and the Jeddah Municipality will work with some of the world’s most specialized international companies on this project. The equipment will have an automatic system for hoisting the flag, advanced cameras, a system for measuring wind speed, in addition to a lighting system capable of displays for prominent annual occasions. The flag will be 165 meters tall, and will have an area of 2,000 meters2. A virtual film of the flag project can be viewed at