It’s TogetherTuesday at Abdul Latif Jameel!

Today, we meet Alec Derkaloustian, Senior General Manager, Facilities Development, Health Safety and Environment. In this world premiere, Alec combines his interest in filmmaking and love of home cooking which – along with a good dose of humour – results in this unique, avant-garde creation: “One man’s path through the uncharted world of sourdough”!

Commenting on his inspiration for the film, Alec says:

“One of the resounding pieces of advice I’ve heard during this pandemic is the importance of looking after yourself. I suppose it is human nature to de-prioritize oneself during times of worry or uncertainty, and for our physical health to come last in the list.

Being pre-diabetic, this isn’t an option for me, as I have to keep a close eye on my glucose levels. Sadly, bread is one of the worst culprits…and also my weakness food! However, with quarantine granting me the gift of time, I have mastered the art of sourdough! Low in phyate, it is nutritious, easier to digest and more diabetic-friendly as it requires longer fermentation.

I’ve also found the process of cooking and the going back to the basic physiological need for nourishment, an overall adjusting experience – a reminder that without preservation of self, we cannot look after anybody else. Whilst tongue-in-cheek, I hope this video serves as a small prompt for my colleagues and friends to take the same approach.”