BT, the warehouse equipment solutions brand of the Toyota Material Handling Group, manufactured in Sweden, has been launched in Saudi Arabia by Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery.

Founded in Sweden 1946, BT has a strong presence all around the world through its manufacturing locations in Sweden and Italy, international sales and services companies, and independent distributors who not only sell equipment, but also provide full lifetime aftersales services and support.

Abbe Samih, regional manager of Toyota Material Handling International, said at the launch: “We at Toyota Material Handling Group are happy to have a presence in the Saudi market. We are determined to work hard with the team at Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery to make this strategic relationship succeed and to serve our customers and help them enhance their business in the logistics sector.”

Abdul Latif Jameel Industrial Equipment, part of the renowned Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery brand, has been the distributor for Toyota Industrial Equipment and spare parts in Saudi Arabia for almost 50 years including gasoline, diesel and electric forklift trucks and towing tractors. Their extensive range of product and service solutions today also includes Raymond, and Cascade brands and Godrej Racking, offering comprehensive solutions to meet materials handling and warehousing needs across the Saudi Arabian logistics sector.

Abdul Latif Jameel Industrial Equipment operates a network of sales and service centers across the country offering specialized consultancy for industries, such as transportation and distribution, construction, manufacturing, retail, mining, oil and gas, ports, and airport services.


Abdelrazig Eltayeb Yassin Elimam, head of Abdul Latif Jameel Industrial Equipment, said at the launch: “The launch of BT is in line with our strategy to provide materials handling and storage solutions to save our clients time by addressing all their warehouse needs with the highest level of efficiency and service.”