Food is one of the most essential requirements to sustain life, the very foundation for our energy, health and well-being.

All too often, we take for granted that the food we consume is safe to eat. And yet, each year, unsafe food causes 600 million cases of foodborne diseases and 420,000 deaths[2].

With a rapidly growing global population driving food demand, and increasingly complex food systems and value chains, food is travelling longer distances, between where it is grown…and where it is consumed, increasing the risk of contamination with every stage, and driving unnecessary climate impacts.

Food safety is a health, economic and environmental issue. It contributes to economic prosperity, boosting agriculture, market access and sustainable development.

Today marks UN World Food Safety Day, and an opportunity to highlight that we all have a role to play in ensuring the food we consume is safe – from leaders, governments and policymakers – to producers and distributors – to us, the public. 

From farm, to fork, food safety, is everyone’s business

World Food Safety Day

[2] World Health Organization (WHO)