Our oceans are incredible.

They produce more than half of the world’s oxygen, store 50 times more CO2 than our atmosphere, and are the World’s largest source of protein, with over 3 billion people dependant on them as their primary protein source. Combined, they produce close to 100 million tons of food every year.

Our seas are vital for climate regulation, transporting heat around the world, from the equator to the poles.

They are a thriving ecosystem, home to an abundance of life, and account for 80% of our planet’s biodiversity.

Our oceans are the life support system of all living things. But they are facing unprecedented pressures, from pollution to climate change. And these pressures are only set to rise.

The time to act, is now; to look to innovation for a sustainable ocean, to nurture ecosystems and preserve them.

Our oceans, are our future.

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World Oceans Day 2020