Abdul Wahab M. Tawfik

Abdul Wahab Tawfik

Abdul Wahab M. Tawfik

Managing Director, Corporate Affairs

Abdul Latif Jameel

Abdul Wahab Mohammed Tawfik is Managing Director of Corporate Affairs for Abdul Latif Jameel, an international, family-owned and diversified business, founded in 1945 by the late Abdul Latif Jameel.

Mr. Tawfik is involved in a number of areas across the business, including legal affairs, internal audit, and shareholders’ affairs. He is also a member of the board of Abdul Latif Jameel, helping to support the growth and expansion of the business.

Abdul Wahab Tawfik joined Abdul Latif Jameel in 1986 and has since then held numerous senior positions within the company. Prior to joining, he held various financial and senior management positions in Egypt in both the private and the public sector.

Mr. Tawfik holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Alexandria University, Egypt.

Abdul Latif Jameel’s core business areas include transportation, engineering and manufacturing, financial services, land and real estate, energy and environmental services, consumer products, advertising and media, and health care. Based in the MENAT region, Abdul Latif Jameel has a presence in more than 30 countries over six continents, including Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, North and South America.  It employs approximately 11,000 people of over 40 nationalities.