• Aim to provide simple, accurate, affordable and rapid blood testing in developing countries.
  • Next-generation PoCT (Point of Care Testing) device enabling multiple blood testing parameters to be performed simultaneously.

Abdul Latif Jameel General Trading based in Tokyo, Japan, part of the diversified family business Abdul Latif Jameel, announced a new collaboration with Cellspect for the distribution of the Cellspect blood testing device in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and India.

Cellspect, based in Japan, develops and produces next-generation PoCT (Point of Care Testing) devices that enable multiple blood testing parameters to be screened for simultaneously.   Basic biochemical tests such as ‘sugar metabolism’, ‘lipid’ and ‘liver function’ can be easily measured with just single a droplet of blood from the patient’s finger, and the device itself, in a simple to use, compact and portable form for ease of deployment and use in remote areas and rural settings.

This low-cost device provides results is less than 5 minutes, making it extremely rapid, cost-competitive, and accessible to populations in developing countries, compared to many existing PoCT devices.

In addition to the existing blood testing parameters which have demonstrated very high accuracy levels, Cellspect also plans to add multiple other parameters in the near future including cardiac markers, cancer markers, viruses and allergies to name a few, with the aim to have more than 35 blood testing parameters in a single and simple to use device.

In anticipation of continued international expansion, Cellspect will also be able to customize test parameters and targets to meet the immediate market needs of each country.

Through this alliance, Abdul Latif Jameel General Trading and Cellspect aim to create accessible and affordable opportunities, particularly in developing regions, by providing blood-testing health checks to populations who may not have affordable or convenient access to healthcare facilities

Abdul Latif Jameel believes that creating convenient, affordable, fast and accurate blood testing capability can greatly contribute to the improvement of medical infrastructure and personal healthcare in developing countries and assist efforts toward early detection and prevention of diseases.

Through investment in Japan’s superior medical technologies and business support for developing Japan’s innovative medical technologies in emerging countries, Abdul Latif Jameel General Trading strives to continue to make a meaningful social contribution.