It’s our last #TogetherTuesday at Abdul Latif Jameel!

Not because we are no longer together – the opposite is true.

The worldwide pandemic has put us all to the test.

We’ve had to go it alone. We’ve had to carve out office space at home. We’ve become masters of video-conferencing. We’ve learned to solve our own IT problems. We’ve become teachers to our children, and colleagues to our spouses.

But, amidst all this uncertainty and change: we have stayed together; connected.

We are proud of our Abdul Latif Jameel family; for its resilience, tenacity, and comradeship.

Our people have come together and supported one another. We have strengthened existing relationships, and built new ones.

Now, it is time to move forward, to build on our collective strength and embrace whatever this “new normal” may bring.

And we know we can do it – together.

Thank you, to all our people at Abdul Latif Jameel.

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